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World of Goo: Ode To The Bridge Builder OCD (40)


I have now done a 58 ocd run.

I've seen a few people do this level on youtube but never by building straight up and just knocking the tower over (I know there are people who will do it this way though). I've managed to collect 40 balls but I think it may be possible to collect at least 1 more with accurate building.

World of Goo: Going up OCD (11)


Chapter 1-1 easy peasy.

Wold of Goo: Small divide OCD (16)


Level 1-2 Another simple one.

World of Goo: Hang Low OCD (22)


Another simple one, but it usually takes a while to wake all the balls up.

World Of Goo: Impale Sticky OCD (42)


Can be a pain.

World of Goo: Flying Machine OCD (16 seconds)


Easy to mess up

World of Goo: Ivy Towers OCD (16)


Easy OCD but I really like this level

World of Goo: Fisty's Bog OCD (14)


Fairly simple one. I could have made the bridge look better though.

World of Goo: Tower of Goo OCD (72)


Great level, I've built better and got more goos but the key here is speed when building to the top.

World of Goo: Tumbler OCD (35)


An easy level.

World of Goo: Chain OCD (25)



World of Goo: Regurgitation Pumping Station OCD (39 moves)


I like this level but I'm not very good at making a stable platform for the structure to float on.

World of Goo: Drool OCD (25)


I need my whistle. I started the walkthrough on a new profile :(

World of Goo: Fly Away Little Ones OCD (12)


Nice level

World of Goo: Blustery Day OCD (18)


Not too bad.

World of Goo: Welcoming unit OCD (64)



World of Goo: Beauty School OCD (21 seconds)


Big pretty goo's

World of Goo: Leap Hole OCD (8 seconds)


Could maybe get a seven second run.

World of Goo: The Whistler OCD (22 seconds)


Put the whistle to good use.

World of Goo: Volcanic Percolator Day Spa (3 Moves)


This can be done in 0 moves.

World of Goo: Beauty and the Electric Tentacle OCD (29)


Spent alot of time in the middle of this fannying around

World of Goo: Genetic Sorting Machine OCD (5 Moves)


I wonders if this could be done in less.

World of Goo: The Red Carpet OCD (21 Moves)


Can be done in 0 moves.

World of Goo: Burning Man OCD (0 Moves)


So simple even I can do it

World of Goo: Beauty and the electric tentacle OCD (36)


You can get all the goo balls using this method. I'll upload that vid soon I hope.

World of Goo: Second Hand Smoke OCD (26)


You've gotta stop the Goos from burning.

World of Goo: Super Fuse Challenge Time OCD (32)


The OCD for this can be the most annoying in the game.

World of Goo: Misty's Long Bony Road OCD (40)



World of Goo: Upper Shaft OCD (53)


I got all the sneaky bastards.

There is a large part in the middle where i am fannying about cause I didnt thing the black goo ball would reach the pipe. I'm an idiot, I may redo.

World Of Goo: You have to explode the head OCD (87)


Hole in one :) You can actually get +90 if you break the structure.

World of Goo: Volcanic Percolator Day Spa OCD (0 Moves)


Did the 0 move version and in 33 seconds too.

World of Goo: Hello, World OCD (7 Seconds)



World of Goo: Product Launcher OCD (2 Moves)


I was trying the 1 move version but it may take time

World of Goo: Hello World OCD (6 Seconds)


Just for kicks

World Of Goo: Third Wheel OCD (6 Moves)


5 move run here:

My last one was eight but I soon figured out I could knock at least two off that, I think its also possible to knock one more move off by not using a skull goo.

World of Goo:Leap Hole OCD (6 Seconds)


I'm now sure this can be done in five, maybe 4????

World of Goo: Genetic Sorting Machine OCD (2 Moves)


I've shifted the big goos around with more finesse before but I dont care I got it down to 2 moves. I had to double check because I've come close before and those green goos have created structures :(

Also for some great OCD's check out especially collecting 100 in tower of goo. Thanks to Kopalexis for his tips on this level.

World of Goo: Third Wheel OCD (5 Moves)


Got it down by one, I dont think it can be done in less without some grade A amazing goo flinging.

World of Goo: Water Lock OCD (44 + 0 Moves)


To get the OCD for this one you need to collect all the goo balls but just for kicks I threw in a 0 move run :) One of the easiest OCD's in the game.

World of Goo: Fisty's Bog OCD (13 Moves)


Saw this could be done in 13 moves on the Wolfgan channel so I though I would try it out. I wonder if this can be done in less by breaking the structure on the top or bottom and flinging the goo towards the pipe. I'm going to have a try anyway :)

World of Goo: Fisty's Bog OCD (9 Moves)


Note: I have now done this in 7 moves, see the video response.

Gotta give a shout out to Kopalexis I though it was possible and he came through with the answer. Awsome. It can be tricky to do this but I found you have to use a balloon to push the goo's as you cant get enough force with a black goo which means 9/10 times your going to end up just adding another balloon to the structure :(

But I also think this can be done in 7 moves which I'm going to try next.

World of Goo: Fisty's Bog OCD (7 Moves)


I knew it could be done in 7 and here it is. The 7 is a bit harder than the 9 move because it becomes more difficult to break the structure, I've also noticed that its a good thing to have alot of goos on the broken structure as it gives you some time to shift it as well as stopping it popping on the top (See the nine move video). Again thanks to Kopalexis for his help.

World of Goo: Tumbler OCD (35 + 1 Move)


Basically a one move run. It's like playing catch with yourself.

Based on strategy seen here...

World of Goo: Super Fuse Challenge Time (9 Moves)


A 9 move run, not the ocd.

World of Goo: Flying Machine (2 Moves)


A 2 move run of flying machine. Its alot easier to do in three in fact I didn't think it could be done in 2 as its damn hard to get that second blockade up without using a balloon. I still dont know how I did it lol

World of Goo: Fly Away Little Ones (0 Moves)


I hate flinging goo's lol.

Based on strategy seen here.

World of Goo: Graceful failure OCD (1 Move)


A one move run of Graceful failure. Very Easy.

World of Goo: Bulletin Board System OCD (13)


Unpredictable random flying fucks.

This took too long to get as the damn things are not consistent.That being said during my trip to Dantes inferno I found you can actually make things a little easier for yourself. Originally I was choosing a common point of reference to send them to (It was quite high), DO NOT do this instead just try and send the goos through the middle and you will find you get better results.

World of Goo: Grape Vine Virus OCD (13)


Another annoying one, though not as annoying as Bulletin Board System. I dont know why 2D Boy made the OCD's so stringent when the rocket goos behaviour is not predictable. This video also shows you can actually use the red goos in your final count.

World of Goo: Graphic Processing Unit OCD (12)


More rocket goo nonsense although this one is easy, ish.

World of Goo: Weather Vane (13 Moves)


After alot of near misses I finally got it, I found it was easier to hit the structure at a higher point than lower stopping it gaining alot of speed.

World of Goo: Incineration Destination OCD (15 Moves)


Since this I have done a 13 move run.

A 15 moves run of incineration destination. I'm not sure this is the min number of moves you can do it in, maybe it can be done in less???

World of Goo: Road Blocks OCD (7 Moves)


Its at least possible to do it in 6 with this strat (I've got it on video somewhere). Its also possible to do in less with the strat at LagMasterSam's channel. Pavke has done it in 2 moves.

World of Goo: Alice, Bob and the Third Party (1 Move)


A one move run of Alice, Bob and the Third party, I'd love t see the OCD done this way. Not sure if it has. Based on Pavkes strat.

World of Goo: Server Farm OCD (27 + 9 Moves)


Server Farm OCD

World of Goo: Alice, Bob and the third party OCD (43)


I hate bob.

World of Goo: Mom's Computer OCD (1 move)


Based on Kopas strat.

World of Goo: Infesty The Worm OCD (18)


I might do a video showing how you can get it without breaking the structure. A nice OCD.

World of Goo: Deliverance OCD (2 Moves)


Based on Marius's strat, a 2 move run of deliverance. Volcanic spam.

World of Goo: Product Launcher OCD (1 Move)


A 1 move run of product launcher.

World of Goo: Red Carpet OCD (2 Moves)


Based on Kopas 2 move strat, will be doing the 0 move strat soon hopfully :)

World of Goo: Red Carpet OCD (0 Moves)


Oh yes, LTumbleweed joins the 0 move red carpet club. I was a lucky on this run to get it but :) I have got a line to the pipe several times but not the way shown in Kopalexises video for example. I've done it the way shown on this video and also several times I've managed to get a line caught on the entrance to where the beauty goo gets sucked up and knock it up to the pipe (I might upload some footage showing this). One last thing is to be careful when you push the beauty goo over the cliff as sometimes it can collide with the line and knock it from the pipe which is annoying.

World Of Goo: Tower Of Goo OCD (89)


My 100 OCD run...

World Of Goo: Misty's Long Bony Road OCD (51 + 6 Moves)


A 6 move OCD run of Misty's long bony road. Based on the strat seen on Kopalexis channel (I believe Pavke was the first to do it in six however).

The orientation of the line matters alot when doing this. Also its worth checking out... (55 goos collected, its cool)

I'm really happy I did this.

World Of Goo: Incineration Destination OCD (13 Moves)


Its mine again :) The last vid I did of Incineration Destination was 15 moves which broke the current record, since then Pavke has found a way to slice off a move and I've found a way to slice off another, its basically the same start as the 15/14 move but only uses 2 goos when building to the pipe.

World Of Goo: Impale Sticky OCD (48)


Based on Kopas strat, I think 48 is the max you can get for this level.

World Of Goo: Weather Vane (11 Moves)


11 Moves is harder than the 12/13 strat as it requires you to hit the structure twice, the first is to make sure the line clears the killing blade (It wont left to its own devices) and the second is knock it to the pipe.

World Of Goo: Small Divide OCD (21 + 5 Moves)


I believe this breaks the record for least moves and most goo collected. Its not too hard once you get the line in the air.

World Of Goo: Drool OCD (30)


Ok The video to get 31 is here...

I like this method of getting 30 though its fun.

World Of Goo: Tower Of Goo OCD (100)


Credit goes to the following WOG players.... Pavke Kopa

I had to upload this. I'm not sure how many people have done this but its been driving me crazy for about a month I would say (On and Off). But practice makes perfect, I've had alot more success recently getting close to the pipe several times.

World Of Goo: Ode To The Bridge Builder OCD (58)


I hate using time bugs in my vids but I guess you need em when doing something like this. I also hate the fact that goos on this level like to just jump off the cliff, fucking idiots.

World Of Goo: Weather Vane OCD (91)


Based on Kopas strat...

I've uploaded this because I need to finish my OCD playlist sooner or later and it just so happened I could collect alot of goos on this level and work my way further up the leaderboard.

Don't use the whistle at all when building the tower as its a recipe for disaster. Its good fun once you get past goos wanting to kill themselves at any given opportunity and balloons which wont wake up (Its not as random as it appears though, the code checks to wake them periodically). Also does anyone know of a good software program which is free to do fade effects on avi files. The ones in virtual dub I have dont work well with the codec I use and I really dont like the way I'm editing and also I hate windows movie maker.

World Of Goo: Graphic Processing Unit OCD (21)


Based on dwers strat.

I'm so close to 1400 goo's now :)

Whistle fun


A possible strat for breaking the 30 goo current record, its where the whistle lands which is the problem if we could get it to land horizontally at least 4 more goos would be possible.Suggestions are encouraged.

Super duper whistle fun


If you've got six goos 3 common 3 drool is it possible to break the chain.

World Of Goo: Whistler (31 Goos)


Learn how.....

Theres still a good chance more goos could be collected. I'm sorry I spent about 3 minutes trying to knock one of the goos off the whistle It can be done with two throws most of the time (Just not the time I beat the current record :() I almost shit myself when the whistle just lifted itself up at the end.

Tumbler fun


Just when you though you had learned all the tricks in world of goo dwerdwerdwer reappears and presents another one. This bug has already been used to collect 38 goos in drool, good times.

The reason I have uploaded this is to show the new bug off and also to explain the problems with its use in tumbler. It seems to me the structure cannot be broken in a way which can collect more goos than the current max which is 36. I'll add video annotations.

World Of Goo: Impale Sticky OCD (50)


Based on Pavkes strat.

Well time moves fast in World Of Goo and my 49 goo ocd was beaten yesterday night :( thB broke the record. This shows the method, you get lots of times bugs to try this out.

World Of Goo: Impale Sticky OCD (53)


Thanks to dwerdwerdwer for showing us how to make a line.

I hate timebugs, I really do, but my god are they a blessing when doing this. I dont think this is difficult just a bit random. 53 is more random than 52 as more often than not you will get a line rather than a triangle and also its harder to kick the line when it starts as a triangle.

World Of Goo: Impale Sticky OCD (52)


I have already uploaded the 53 vid but I dont think it shows the method very well, certainly not how to get a line.

World Of Goo: Infesty The Worm (2 Moves)


Not difficult, just need to be lucky and get a square.

Upper Shaft Fun


Im not sure what is going on here.

wog possible


In more detail


I don't have the time or patience for WOG anymore so heres the strategy I suggest for Incineration Destination. Should get you below 10 moves if you know what you're doing.

7 Moves


Incineration Destination has been done in 8 moves, this is my proposal for 7.

6 Moves


Much easier than 7 :)

A strat for Fly Away Little Ones


I think 16 can be collected this way.

Incineration Destination: 4 Moves?


A start to get 4 moves on incineration destination, a little awkward but certainly possible.

A strategy for Fisty's Bog


More goo's should be possible this way.

Fisty's Bog 21 possible


A possible strategy to collect 21 goos on Fisty's Bog.

World of Goo: Fisty's Bog OCD (21 collected, TAS)


World of Goo: Fisty's Bog OCD (21 collected, TAS)

The tool assisted part basically is a macro on my mouse allowing me to click really fast. This should be possible without TAS with some minor altrerations.

Fisty's Bog 22 is possible


Maybe more?