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Whistler OCD 19 sec


17 sec is possible, I've done it but I have only 19sec video. Enjoy

Alice and Bob and the Third Party 28 sec


Now, I'm afraid that someone will beat me! :)

Down the Drain OCD 99 sec


Also one hard level, as do some say. :) Author of this level says that OCD isn't possible. I proved him wrong. :) Go to to download fan made levels (free of course). Enjoy!

Damsel in Distress OCD 61 sec


Here is another level from author vidar. The OCD criteria is 180 sec. Another so called hard level. :) Go to for more fan made levels. If you have any particular desire please post. Have fun! :)

Little Path OCD 11 goo balls


This is fan made level. Thx to Kopa for making this! Some say this level is very hard, but it is not. At the end the game crashes, i don't know way. The OCD is 9 balls, I got 11. Take care. :)

Deja Vu OCD 35 sec


One of the most downloaded levels at Very cool level. Peace! :)

Hello, World OCD 5 sec


New record... Don't think it can be done in 4 sec. Sorry for the blinking and bad quality. Be safe! :)

Water Lock 22 sec


This is not OCD, it is just fastest possible completion. This can be only done from your first go, do not retry! Enjoy.

Leap Hole OCD 3 sec


New Record! :) I'm really happy now! Best wishes! :)

Beauty School OCD 13 sec


I wasn't planing to get this record but I did! Nice day :)

Infesty the Worm 37 sec


If this run was done perfectly it would be 35 sec. Good day. :)

Fly Away Little Ones 12 sec


My guess is this can be competed it less.... :)

Volcanic Percolator Day Spa OCD 1 move 20 sec


I was so close to 19 seconds. You have to by little lucky t get 12 ugly goos from first trip down.

Jingle Balls OCD 57 goo balls


Over 10.000 downloads!! Jingle Balls. Made by davidc and xanax. Great level with beautiful music!! Go to to download custom content for World of Goo.

The Other Shaft OCD 5 moves


Maybe 4 is possible in this one if you kick the goo line straight to the pipe. Regards :)

The Red Carpet OCD 0 moves


I too must upload this. This is Marius's start. Only few people have ever done it! :)

Server Bytes Back OCD 55 goo balls (0 moves)


Level made by Jamerz. Sorry for the very bad quality I picked the wrong codec. More the 55 goos is possible but very long and hard. Cheers :)

Horizontal Transportation Innovation Committee 61 goo balls start


To get 61 goos you need to get 4 or 5 goos from your first trip. I did it this way. Sorry for the bad quality, my videos are getting worse and worse :(

Impale Sticky 50 goos start


I made this video quickly to show you my 7 move 50 goo start. Sorry for building so slowly it was my first try after 3 mounts, back then i kicked the line to about the same hight as the top timebug is in this video, i nearly made it.